Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I'm sitting here in blogland reading all these wonderful, witty, charming, gorgeous and sometimes downright hilarious blogs thinking to myself, why cant I be like that? Ha.. maybe someday. Im just an ordinary single mom and grandmother who was recently laid off from her factory job. I dont have a fancy house, fancy things nor the income to do what others are. Im content with the simple things in life. Ideas..yes...many..the means to do them? No..wait a minute maybe I do..Ive seen these wonderful women turn trash to treasures sometimes with just a simple can of paint and realized I CAN do that!!! So, starting next week Ill show you what I did this week..even if no one is looking right now, it will be here. Who knows maybe someday Ill be doing a giveaway of my own??

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  1. Hang out here long enough and you WILL find yourself being wittier ;D I just got laid off myself two weeks ago. Stimulus saved jobs my hind end!