Sunday, June 28, 2009

I was attacked!

I was minding my own business, carrying a load of laundry to wash when it happened, the fan jumped out and attacked me!!! Grabbed on to my little toe and would not let go!! What did I ever do to deserve that? Maybe I ran it too much this week, after all its been HOT, but geez, to attack me? LOL Im pretty sure I heard it go "pop" over the sounds of my (loudly) cursing! Have you ever stubbed your toe? Then you know what Im talking about here, it HURTS!! I kept going, threw the clothes in the washer, folded the clothes in the dryer, then sat down to view the damage. It didnt look good, little toe on my left foot was aiming east and was swollen and red. No matter how hard I tried it would not wiggle, at all. So I did what we all online to see what, if anything the dr would do for a broken toe. Tape it. Okay, sounds good, OMG, Im not touching it again, I about went through the roof! After some debating I decided to go to the er, after I posted my misery on a quilting group I frequent. Ha ha. Now the timing was not good, my daughter had 2 of her friends on the way from Wisconsin, Cornerstone is this week and they are to attend that. It is a Christian Music Festival that is in a farmers field and has been going on here for many years. Out little town of 3000 will triple in size for the week. Anyway, I just moved and Im still unpacking and wasnt really in a big hurry to get it done. But when I found out we were going to have company...well, it HAD to get done. So I had been rearranging, cleaning, unpacking and all that good stuff for 2 days, it was HOT, I was hot, sweating, and filthy. Luckily I was almost done. Hopped in the shower, touched up my toenail polish, I mean c'mon, I couldnt go with chipped polish could I? Turns out I not only broke it but I twisted the bone also. X-Rays show a jagged, diagonally break from one side to the other with about a 1/4' space between the now 2 bones.! Great. They didnt tape it, didnt even touch it, gave me a stylin shoe to wear and it seems I need to go see an ortho dr. Said surgery is probable. Double great. So how was your Sunday?

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  1. Oh Lisa I broke my toe two years ago and I remember the pain..and the lovely foot wear.

    YOU GO GIRL...don't go out of the house without a proper pedicure. I'm on my way to get one today.